GeekPwn 2018 Cybersecurity and AI Contest

Las Vegas, U.S.     Aug.10 2018            ShangHai     Oct.24-25 2018


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Who can sign up for GeekPwn? How?

A:  Anyone can sign up, as long as they’ve submitted projects, meet the required laws and ethics, and are accepted by the committee. Please find corresponding application forms here and submit. The committee will issue 2 rounds of reviews then decide if the application is accepted.

Q:  What kind of vulnerabilities will be accepted by GeekPwn?

A:  Everything from IoT, smart devices, AI to any successful security compromise have the chance of being accepted. You can learn more about our past winners and their targets through our Hall of Fame.

Q:  Who will provide the devices for the project?

A:  All the target devices (or AI products) are provided by the GeekPwn committee. The committee will purchase the target devices according to the contestants' request. The day before the contest, contestants can upgrade target devices under the supervision of the judging panel, to ensure its software/firmware meet the requirements of GeekPwn. All attacking devices are taken by the contestants themselves, including computers, software tools, hardware tools, etc.

Q:  What's the requirement for the target devices' software/firmware version?

A:  The device should be patched with official updates, and the version should be equal to or newer than the version 30 days before the contest.

Q:  Is network access provided at the contest?

A:  Yes, GeekPwn will provide a dedicated network for the project through both wired and wireless access. The dedicated network is specified for a certain project, and isn't shared with other projects or spectators. The contestant can determine whether the network is connected to the internet. Contestants can bring their own network devices as backup but they are only allowed to use them once they’ve received permission from the panel of judges.

Q:  Is there a limit on the number of submissions for a single contestant/group? Can a contestant submit multiple exploits for different products?

A:  There is no limit. You can submit as many as you like.

Q:  What if my target is not listed in GeekPwn's scope on the official website?

A:  The targets listed on the page is solely for reference/information. Any new pwning ideas are welcome.

Q:  I cannot participate this time, but I know someone who can.

A:  If the recommended application wins at GeekPwn, you will get an extra 10% of the prize as a reward.

Q:  Where can I get a ticket as an audience member?

A:  Registration is not currently available. You can follow us via Twitter(Account)/Facebook(Account) for the latest news

Q:  What's new in GeekPwn 2018?

A:  You can see the latest achievements in the cybersecurity and AI fields where extraordinary leaders in security blow your mind on the art of PWNs.

GeekPwn 2018 Contest Rules, Upgraded

Initial Prize Pool:$800,000 USD

As one of the world's leading platforms for cybersecurity researchers, GeekPwn enables security researchers and geeks around the world to share their thoughts and findings.

GeekPwn2018 will have two competition events, August 10th in Las Vegas and October 24th and 25th in Shanghai. The initial prize pool is $800,000 USD. We welcome talented researchers and geeks around the world to come to GeekPwn, and present their research results.

In 2018, GeekPwn has set up Special Challenges and PWN Everything Challenges.

GeekPwn Special Challenges include CAAD Competition on Adversarial Attacks and Defenses (Las Vegas), Robot Agent Challenge (Las Vegas/Shanghai), Hacker Room Challenge (Shanghai) and AI Data Tracker (Shanghai). These competitions cover many fields like Machine Learning, Mechanic, Security, etc. We welcome participants from different fields to fulfill those tough tasks.

AI Data



CAAD (Competition on Adversarial Attacks and Defenses), total prize $100,000 USD
CAAD (Competition on Adversarial Attacks and Defenses) is organized by GeekPwn committee, Alexey Kurakin, Ian Goodfellow from Google Brain and Professor Dawn Song from UC Berkeley EECS. The competition will open in May. It's purpose is to accelerate research on adversarial examples therefore make AI more secure.

This year, CAAD is focusing on image recognition, which consists of three sub-competitions as below. Participants can select any one to three of them to join. The 3 sub-competitions are:
Non-targeted Adversarial Attack, Targeted Adversarial Attack, Defense Against Adversarial Attack

Registration Time:May 10th - Aug 31st, 2018

CAAD CTF Invitational will be held at the GeekPwn(Shanghai) on Oct 24th, similar to the one in Las Vegas but rules will have some changes. Please check rules at:CAAD CTF Rules, version 1.0 If you are interested in it, please send email to us at before Sept 30th, please also introduce what you did in the area of Adversarial Examples in the email. Judges will decide the invitation list.

*More details please check CAAD official website (
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Registration start:
Vulnerability based PWN (Shanghai)
Non-vulnerability based PWN (Las Vegas/Shanghai)
Robot Agent (Las Vegas/Shanghai)



Registration start:
CAAD (Las Vegas)
Hacker Room (Shanghai)




Registration Deadline:
CAAD (Las Vegas)



Registration Deadline:
Non-vulnerability based PWN (Las Vegas)
Robot Agent (Las Vegas)



GeekPwn (Las Vegas)
CAAD Awards Ceremony



Registration Deadline:
Hacker Room (Shanghai)



Registration Deadline:
Vulnerability based PWN (Shanghai)
Non-vulnerability based PWN (Shanghai)
Robot Agent (Shanghai)



GeekPwn (Shanghai)





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1. GeekPwn organizing committee ("the committee" in below description) recognizes the technical capability of the winner individually, but doesn't acknowledge that it has linkage to winner's working organization.
2. The committee doesn't acknowledge the contest result directly reflect the security level of the smart devices.
3. The committee restrictedly follows the responsible disclosure to device manufactures. All the details of Pwn technical approaches will be disclosed to the representatives from the according device manufactures privately by committee and contestant. If no representatives from the manufacture is at the scene, all the information will be disclosed to manufactures offline after the contest. The committee and contestant commit not to disclose any details to third-party before manufactures fix the issues.
4. The committee commits that foreign judges will only participate the judgment of devices categories of foreign manufactures.
5. The committee guarantees that contestant's private personal information will not be disclosed to third-party or used for commercial activities without contestant agreement and authentication.

*GeekPwn organizing committee reserve the right of explaining all GeekPwn rules and standards.

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Ding KeGeekPwn Advisor

Tencent vice president, director of Tencent Security, well-known security expert in China. He joined Tencent in 2003 and became the chief director and general manager of 9 business departments in Tencent. The departments include Telecommunications Business department, Wireless Product department, Wireless R&D department, 3G Product Center, etc. He was one of the founders of many product lines in Tencent. Prior to joining Tencent, he worked at Cisco China and Lucent Technologies and achieved excellent results.

KEEN Cloud Tech endeavors to help the world's leading software manufactures who have adopted advanced cybersecurity engineering methodologies to discover and fix cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Over years, KEEN has discovered and reported hundreds of high-priority vulnerabilities to Microsoft, Apple, and Google etc.

As one of the world's leading platforms for cybersecurity researchers, GeekPwn enables security researchers and geeks around the world to share their thoughts and findings. Since 2014, GeekPwn has successfully held 8 sessions in Beijing, Shanghai, Macau, Hong Kong and Silicon Valley, and responsibly disclosed hundreds of critical security vulnerabilities and awarded over millions (USD) to contestants.

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